Activeloop is an open-source dataset with an API that allows engineers to create, store, and collaborate on datasets of any size. The product is able to train models at scale and can be set up using pip package manager. 

Also, it works with unstructured data and can be used in various applications such as drones and satellite imagery, self-driving cars, robotics, and biomedical. It is referred to as an AI Database and dataset optimization company that manages data for deep learning applications. 

Project Background

  • Database: Activeloop
  • Author: Davit Buniatyan
  • Initial Release: October 2019
  • Type: AI Database
  • License: MPL-2.0
  • Language: Python
  • GitHub: activeloopai/Hub has 3.6k stars, 27 releases, and 57 contributors 
  • Twitter: @activeloopai


  • Storage Agnostic API
  • Compressed Storage
  • Numpy-like Slicing
  • Version Control
  • 3rd Party Integrations
  • Distributed Transforms
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