AMD EPYC, Intel Xeon Platinum, and AMD Threadripper CPUs

The EPYC is AMD’s 3rd generation CPU designed for the data center. The CPU code-named Milan is the ideal processor for heavy compute workloads such as machine learning, cloud computing, virtualization, database, and analytics. The centerpiece of this lineup is the EPYC 7763–it comes with 64 cores, 128 thread support, and a whopping 256MB of cache.

  • Socket SP3 
  • Memory Type: DDR4-3200Mhz
  • Supports PCIe
AMDPriceCoresThreadsL3 CacheTDP Architecture
EPYC 7763$7,89064128256 MB280 WMilan
EPYC 7713$7,06064128256 MB225 WMilan
EPYC 7663$6,36656112256 MB240 WMilan
EPYC 7643$4,9957896256 MB225 WMilan
EPYC 7543$3,7613264256 MB225 WMilan
EPYC 7513$2,8403264128 MB200 WMilan
EPYC 7453$1,570285664 MB225 WMilan
EPYC 7443$2,0102448128 MB200 WMilan
EPYC 7413$1,8252448128 MB180 WMilan
EPYC 7343$1,5651632128 MB190 WMilan
EPYC 7313$1,0831632128 MB155 WMilan

Intel Xeon Platinum

In April 2021, Intel introduced the 3rd generation Xeon Platinum Processor code-named Ice Lake. The 10nm Xeon processors are designed for the datacenter and incorporate advanced enterprise security features, have multiple cores, baked-in AI acceleration, and a hefty amount of cache. The CPUs are ideal for AI/ML and workloads requiring hefty processing. At the center of the design, the masterpiece is the Xeon Platinum 8380 that comes packed with 40 cores, 80 threads, and 60 MB of cache.

Intel PlatinumPriceCoresThreadsL3 CacheTDP (w)Architecture
Xeon 8380$8,090408060 MB270 WIce Lake
Xeon 8362$5,448326448 MB265 WIce Lake
Xeon 8358$3,950326448 MB250 WIce Lake
Xeon 8352Y$3,450326448 MB205 WIce Lake
Xeon 8351N$3,027367254 MB225 WIce Lake
Xeon 8368Q$6,743387657 MB270 WIce Lake
Xeon 8352S$4,046326448 MB205 WIce Lake
Xeon 8352V$3,450367254 MB195 WIce Lake
Xeon 8368$6,302387657 MB270 WIce Lake
Xeon 8360Y$4,702367254 MB250 WIce Lake
Xeon 8352M$3,864326448 MB185 WIce Lake
Xeon 8358P$3,950326448 MB240 WIce Lake

AMD Threadripper PRO

The Ryzen Threadripper PRO, based on 7nm process technology is AMD’s latest CPU series for the workstation. It has multiple cores and supports 128 PCIe 4.0 lanes making it ideal multi-threaded workloads. According to AMD, it performs better than the Intel Platinum Xeon series.

PCIe 4.0 is said to deliver 2x the I/O performance over the older PCIe 3.0 generation. As in most modern CPUs today, it has a security processor that guarantees root-of-trust and full memory encryption.

Standard Threadripper

The standard Threadripper is based on 7nm manufacturing process technology and uses socket sTR4. The higher-end versions come with 640 cores, 256 MB L3 cache, and support 128 threads. The Threadripper is designed for desktops.  


Prices for the PRO and standard are all over the board. Some are below MSRP but others are above MSRP likely due to supply shortages. The pricing was pulled from Newegg as of December 11, 2021.

AMD Ryzen PRO ThreadripperPriceCoresThreadsL3 CacheTDP SocketArchitecture
PRO 3995WX$6,10264128256 MB280 WsTRX4Zen 2
PRO 3975WX$2,6893264128 MB280 WsTRX4Zen 2
PRO 3955WX$1,146163264 MB280 WsTRX4Zen 2
PRO 3945WX?122464 MB280 WsTRX4Zen 2
Standard Ryzen ThreadripperPriceCoresThreadsL3 CacheTDPSocketArchitecture
3990X$5,09964128256 MB280 WsTRX4Zen 2
3970X$3,9903264128 MB280 WsTRX4Zen 2
3960X$1,6532448128 MB280 WsTRX4Zen 2
2990WX$1,887326464 MB250 WsTR4Zen 2
2970WX$668244864MB250 WsTR4Zen 2
2950X$1,079163232 MB180 WsTR4Zen 2
2920X$998122432 MB180 WsTR4Zen 2
1950X$1,999163232 MB180 WsTR4Zen 2
1920X$154122432 MB180 WsTR4Zen 2
1900X$19381616 MB180 WsTR4Zen 2
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