It is an open-source NoSQL database that provides high availability and unlimited scalability. One of the original authors of Amazon Dynamo developed Cassandra while working at Facebook. Today, thousands of organizations use it. The database works on commodity hardware and scales linearly across multiple datacenters. It offers advanced replications and can withstand data center outage with no data loss.

Some of its features including audit logging, capture and replay of production workloads, read and write throughput that scales linearly, zero copy streaming, and many more. It’s architecture does not use the master-slave model, it a node fails, the others take over.     

Project Background

  • Platform: Cassandra
  • Author: Facebook
  • Released: July 2008
  • Type: NoSQL Database
  • License: Apache License 2.0
  • Language: Java
  • GitHub: apache/cassandra
  • Runs on: Multi-platform
  • GitHub Stars: 7.2k
  • GitHub Contributors: 361


  • Increased speed and scalability
  • Improved consistency
  • Enhanced security and observability
  • Better compression


  • Cassandra’s fundamental architecture makes it a popular NoSQL choice for real applications.
  • It allows users to read and write linearly, without downtime or interruption to production systems.
  • No single point of failure including data center failure. 
  • Audit logging feature: DML, DDL, and DCL with minimal impact on normal workload performance.
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