Azkaban is a popular batch workflow manager and job scheduler used for Hadoop workloads. It was developed by LinkedIn engineers and comes with several features. It’s written in Java, and scheduling is done in GUI via a web browser.

Project Background

  •  Platform: Azkabab
  • Author: LinkedIn
  • Released: 2009
  • Type: Open source tool for monitoring workflow
  • License: Apache 2.0
  • GitHub: /azkaban


  • Compatible with any version of Hadoop
  • Web user Interface
  • Email alerts for success and failure of tasks
  • Pluggable and extensible
  • Open Source
  • Simple web and project overflows


  • Easy to maintain workflow tracking.
  • Azkaban builds use Gradle and needs at least Java 8 or higher.
  • There are two modes – “solo server” mode and “distributor multiple executor” mode.
  • There is an SLA alert and auto killing.
  • Individual workspaces for various tasks
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