ML Frameworks

Data Sets

List of Frameworks

Accord.NET C++Classification, regression, and clusteringAudio. Image processing. Computer vision.
Apache MahoutJava / ScalaDistributed linear algebra frameworkIdeal for mathematicians and statisticians.
CaffeC++Deep LearningImage classification. Speech. Multimedia.
KerasPythonDeep LearningHigh-level API. Tightly integrated with TensorFlow.
MLPackC++“Swiss army knife” of methods and functionsSupports NeighborSearch. K-Means, and RangeSearch.
PYTorchPythonDynamic neural nets and Tensor computation2nd most popular framework. Developed by Facebook.
Scikit-learnPythonClassification, regression, and clusteringData mining. Data analysis. Developed SciPy, NumPy, and motplotlib.
Spark MLibJava, Scala, Python, and RClassification, regression, clustering, and more9x faster than Mahout. Used for matching learning pipelines.
TorchLua / LuaJIT Deep LearningSupports multi-dimensional arrays. GPUs ready. Computer vision. Image classification. Audio, and video.
TheanoPythonUsed to evaluate mathematical expressionsIntegrated with NumPy. Supports multi-dimensional arrays. Supports GPU’s.
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