Kylo is an open-source, enterprise data lake platform built on Apache Hadoop and Spark. It was developed by Think Big Analytics which was later acquired by Teradata. It’s a fully-featured solution that supports ingest, preparation, metadata management, governance, and security.  There are more than 150 implementations of this solution at various organizations. 

Project Background

  • Framework: Kylo
  • Author: Teradata
  • Released: March 2017
  • License: Apache 2.0
  • GitHub: Teradata/kylo 
  • Runs on: Multi-platform
  • GitHub Stars: 988 stars
  • GitHub Contributors: 32


  • Self-service data ingestion
  • Wrangle data with visual SQL
  • Search and explore data and metadata
  • Monitor health of feeds and service


  • With this, you can perform Google-like searches against data and metadata to discover entities of interest.
  • Using Kylo, data can be maintained in the data lake.
  • It integrates best practices around security and data quality.
  • Kylo gives an IT framework to deliver the powerful pipelines as templates.
  • The APIs and plug-in architecture of Kylo are flexible and easy to use.
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