MinIO is open-source object storage designed to support heavy-duty workloads such as machine learning, big data, and large enterprise deployments. Its API is S3 compatible and the product is used extensively in the Fortune 1000. Three of its major components include MinIO Server, MinIO Client, and MinIO Client SDK.

MinIO cloud storage server is minimal and scalable. Moreover, the lightweight server can easily and quickly pair well with the application stack. Its features come with bitrot protection, erasure coding, encryption/WORM, continuous replication, identity management, and more.

Project Background

  • Platform: MinlO 
  • Author: MinIO, Inc
  • Released: March 2016
  • Type: Object storage
  • License: AGPL 3.0
  • GitHub: /minio


  • Active Replication
  • Identity & Access Management 
  • Encryption Bucket & Object Immutability 
  • Bucket & Object Versioning 
  • Data Life Cycle Management & Tiering 
  • Automated Data Management Interfaces 
  • Monitoring 
  • Scalability AWS S3 Compatibility


  •  Offers a vast portfolio of integration
  • Integrates with VMWare and supports Kubernetes ambitions
  • Delivers scalable performance for Splunk SmartStores
  • MinlO and Veeam are partners for supporting a variety of backup use cases.
  • Allows Azure Blob to speak Amazon’s S3 API
  • Facilitates HDFS Migration
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