Pip Package Manager

Pip is a Python package management system for installing and managing software packages. It connects to the Python Package Index, an online repository of public packages. Other package repositories can also be connected using pip (local or remote).

Pip is also a command-line program. When you install pip, a command is introduced to your system wherein you can run pip from your command prompts.

Project Background

  • Project: Pip
  • Author: Ian Bicking
  • Initial Release: 2011
  • Type: Package Management System
  • License: MIT
  • Contains: command-line interface, distributions of python
  • Language: Python
  • GitHub: /pypa/pip with 7.5k stars and 561 contributors
  • Runs On: OS-Independent
  • Twitter: /pypi


  • Fetch packages from Python Package Index
  • Install a package from a distribution file
  • Upgrade a package 
  • Uninstall a package
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