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  • 41 popular GitHub Python tools
  • For DevOps and ML engineers
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  • Last updated Nov 21

Popular GitHub Python Tools

100-Days-of-ML-CodeInstructional program for learning ML coding in 100 days33.3k7none8.4k
AerosolveML library that provides geo-based features, feature interaction, quantization, and human intuition to models. 4.8k25none589
AnsiblePopular IT automation platform. Automate tasks, manage configs, code deployment, network config, and more. 50.8k5000 +none21.3k
Awesome Decision Tree Research PapersAn organized program of classification and regression tree research papers with implementation guidance.1.9k43302
Awesome PythonAn extensive list of Python frameworks, packages, libraries, and resources on many areas like admin panels, ASGI servers, caching, ChatOps tools, CMS, etc. 107k392none20.2k
Coding ProblemsSolutions for coding and algorithmic problems. There’s also a collection of free courses from famous universities.2.2k5none439
DashPopular Python framework for building ML and data science apps. The interface is friendly with drop-down changes in graphs, suitable for building complex apps. 15.4k82351.6k
DeepFaceLabMost popular software for creating deepfake videos. 95% of deepfake videos use this tool. Performs face and head replacement, de-aging, etc. 29.9k1926.7k
DetectronFacebook-developed research platform for object detection that uses Mask R-CNN and RetinaNet algorithms. The tool has been deprecated and replaced by Detectron2. 24.8k34none5.4k
Detectron2Object detection platform that has replaced Detectron. The tool has been completely re-written in Python. 18.9k409105k
Dive into Machine LearningA guide for learning machine learning using a Jupyter notebook, scikit-learn, and other tools. 10.8k31none2k
Django is a high-level Python web framework with a focus on rapid development and clean, pragmatic design. 60.7k2140none25.9k
Face RecognitionFacial recognition API and library. Use it to manipulate faces from Python or the command line. 42.1k45211.7k
FlaskPopular lightweight WSGI framework for web applications. Easy to use and doesn’t enforce any dependencies or project layouts, but instead makes suggestions. 57.1k6361514.7k
Generative Models in TensorFlow 2Generative models implemented in Tensorflow 2, self-contained in a Jupyter notebook, where layers use Keras. Includes GAN, Seq25Seq, VAE, VAEGAN, GAIA, and Spectrum Inversion. 922nonenone177
GoLearnMachine learning library for Go that is in active development. 8.1k55none1.1k
GymLibrary for creating and comparing reinforcement learning algorithms. Provide standard API that enables the communication between different environments. 25.7k31587.4k
InterpretMLA package that explains black-box machine learning systems. Understands model behavior and performance. 4.3k2431538
KerasPopular deep learning API. Runs on TensorFlow. Easy to use and enables fast experimentation. 53.2k9633218.9k
MatplotlibLibrary for creating animated, static, and interactive visualizations, producing high-quality figures.14.6k1112616.2k
MeshCNNDeep Neural Network for 3D triangular meshes, segmentation, and 3D shape classification. 1.1k4none230
NumpyLibrary for scientific computing, providing N-dimensional array objects, sophisticated functions, and more. Ideal for linear algebra, Fourier transform, and random number capabilities.18.8k1236736.2k
NuPicA platform of algorithms that implements HTM, a computational theory of the neocortex that can help with anomaly detection and prediction of streaming data sources. 6.3k86471.6k
PandasPython package used for manipulating data and help in areas like missing data. Helps with labeling data. 31.8k24978013.5k
PatternInternet mining tool that is used for scraping, NLP, network analysis, machine learning, and more. 8.1k20none1.6k
Prediction IOMachine learning framework. Supports deployment of algorithms, evaluation, event collection, and query results. Based on Hadoop, HBase, Spark, and Elasticsearch. 12.5k14112k
Public APIsAn extensive list of free APIs. Covers dozens of areas including cryptocurrency, data validation, dictionaries, blockchain, email, and more. 168k1189none19.4k
ReboundCL tool that retrieves Stack Overflow results and exception is thrown. 3.7knone4355
scikit-learnMachine learning library built on top of SciPy., NumPy, and matplotlib. Used for classification, regression, clustering. model selection, preprocessing, and more. 47.9k21372522.2k
seabornPython visualization library based on matplotlib, offering a high-level interface for drawing attractive statistical graphics.
SentryMonitoring platform that helps identify issues and fix them in real-time. 29.4k524833.3k
StreamlitA tool that turns data scripts into sharable apps. It’s quick and easy to use. 16.6k124261.5k
StumpyLibrary for time series data. It computes a matrix profile that can be used in multiple use cases including shapelet discovery, streaming data, anomaly discovery, and more. 2k2220193
Tensor2RobotA tool used for robotics research. Used by Google internally for making robotics research reproducible. 4119none85
TensorFlow ModelsRepo that contains different implementations of SOTA models for TensorFlow uses. 71.9k7391845.1k
TensorWatchDebugging and visualization tool used for data science, deep learning, and reinforcement learning that uses Jupyter notebook. 3.2k11none346
The AlgorithmsTutorial for learning. Collection of algorithms and data structures available in Python, Java, C, Go, Javascript, and C++.123k+789none33k+
TornadoPython web framework and asynchronous networking library. Supports tens of thousands of open connections. Uses non-blocking network I/O. Ideal for WebSockets and polling.20.3k351none5.4k
Vowpal WabbitA machine learning system focused on reinforcement learning. Uses techniques such as hashing, reductions, allreduce, learning2search, and interactive learning for implementing algorithms. 7.8k202181.8k
You-GetA command-line utility is used to download content such as videos, audio, and images from the Internet. 42.3k2081148.6k
ZulipOpen-source group chat application that connects the immediacy of real-time chat with the productivity benefits of threaded conversations. 14.5k721654.9k
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