Pyenv is a simple Python version management tool. It was previously known as Pythonbrew. The tool allows users to install multiple Python versions and keeps track of all instances. 

Pyenv intercepts Python commands using shim executables introduced to your path and redirects your command to the correct version of the Python. An added benefit is that Pyenv does not depend on Python itself as it is made up of shell scripts.

Project Background

  • Project: Pyenv
  • Author: Joao Moreira
  • Initial Release: 2017
  • Type: Python Interpretation System
  • License: The MIT Licence
  • Contains: Directory of shims
  • Language: Python
  • GitHub: /pyenv/pyenv with 24.9k stars with 321 contributors
  • Runs On: Linux, MacOS
  • Twitter: None


  • Helps install Python Global and Python Local
  • Support for per-project Python versions
  • Let’s override the Python version
  • Commands search for multiple Python versions at a time.
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