Python Tools

In this section, we look at the different Python tools for engineers working in the ML industry. Many of these tools multi-purpose supporting DevOps and MLOps use cases. 

GitHub Stars
# of Contributors
Dateutildatetime extension1.7 k114
Self-documenting real-time display editor3.2 k543
create static and interactive visualizations14.5 k1106
NLTKSuite of Python modules and tools for support NLP R&D10.2 k349
Numpylibrary for multi-dimensional arrays and matrices18.7 k1218
helps with expressive data structures and labeled data31.5 k2483
PipPackage installers for Python7.5 k561
PlotlyGraphin library creates interactive graphs 10.4 k170
pyenvHelps manage multiple Python versions24.9 k321
PySparkAPI allows applications to be written using Python APIs
SciPyLibrary for statistics, linear algebra, optimizaion, and mathematics8.7 k1074
ScrapyWeb crawling and scraping tool42 k435
TqdmMake looks display a progress bar19.8 k106
Urllib3HTTP user-friendly client for Python2.8 k252
VimFeature-rich and configurable text editor24.9 k60
Helps create isolated Python environments4 k60
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