spaCY is a powerful open-source NLP library developed by Explosion AI. It was developed in 2015 and has a large community of supporters. It supports PyTorch, TensorFlow, and other ML frameworks. Trained pipelines and pre-trained transformers like BERT are included.

Project Background

  • Library: spaCY
  • Author: Explosion
  • Initial Release: June 2015
  • Type: Library for text processing. NLP.
  • License: MIT License
  • Language: Python and Cython 
  • GitHub: spaCY with 21k+ stars and 555+ contributors
  • Twitter: spaCY
  • Supports: 60+ languages 
  • GitHub Discussions: spaCY


  • Powerful Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Comes with pre-trained pipelines
  • Incorporates neural network models for tagging, parsing, text classification, entity recognition, and more
  •  Includes language-specific rules for tokenization
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