List Highlights

  • 34 startups on the list
  • List of startups providing MLOps, AutoML, or similar services 
  • Comet raised $50M in November 2021
  • Landing AI raised $57M in November 2021
  • WhyLabs raised $10M in November 2021
  • raised $100M in November 2021
  • Activeloop raised $5M in November 2021
  • OctoML raised $85M in November 2021
  • Abacus raised $50M in October 2021
  • Dataiku raised $400M in August 2021
  • DataRobot and SambaNova raised over $1B
  • Scale and Dataiku raised $600M+ each
  • San Francisco is the #1 HQ for startups on the list, followed by Palo Alto
  • Data provided by LinkedIn and Crunchbase
  • List being updated regularly
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Startup List

CompanyEmployees Founded
Neural Magic282017Cambridge, MA$20 MDeep learning library helps CPUs run at GPU speeds
Determined AI222017San Francisco$13.6 MMLOps
Vahohai 152016Turku, Finland$1.8 MMLOps
Abacus AI402019San Francisco$90 MMLOps
fiddler532018Palo Alto$45.2 MMLOps
roboflow142019Des Moines, Lowa$22.2 MMLOps for computer vision
Latent AI222018Menlo Park$22.5 MMLOps for edge devices
Neu.ro162018San Francisco$2 MMLOps
Iguazio922014Herzliya, Israel$72 MMLOps
Deepen AI832017Santa ClaraPrivateLabeling tool for computer vision, robotics, and more
DefinedCrowd3302015Seattle$63.6 MAI training data and workflows for speech, text, image, translation
Scale6082016San Francisco$602.6 MMLOps
SambaNova942017Palo Alto$1.1 BAI hardware and software for NLP and computer vision
Aporia182019Tel Aviv$5 MBuild monitors for ML services
Run AI532018Tel Aviv$43 MDeep learning orchestration manages GPU allocation
Weights & Biases1072017San Francisco$65 MMLOps
Verta232018Palo Alto$10 MMLOps
Neptune AI432017Warsaw, Poland$4.7 MMetadata store for MLOps
Domino Data Lab2992013San Francisco$223.6 MMLOps
Pecan AI1142016Ramat Gan, Israel$50 MAutoML
Pinecone232019San Mateo$10 MVector Database
Seldon702014London$13.7 MMLOps
Snorkel AI1002019Palo Alto$135 MLabeling of training data
Spell 302017New York$15 MMLOps
DataRobot1,6192012Boston$1 BMLOps
H20.ai3202012Mountain View$246 MMLOps
Dataiku8522013New York$646.8 MMLOps
Gretel AI222019San Diego$67.7 MCreates synthetic datasets from real datasets
OctoML752019Seattle$132 MMLOps
Activeloop122018San Francisco$5 MAI Database
WhyLabs172019Seattle$14 MAI Observability
Landing AI742017Palo Alto$57 MMLOps for Manufacturing
Comet502017New York$69.8 MMLOps
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