Vespa is a feature-rich search engine designed for low-latency computations over large data sets. This engine saves indexes of all available data, allowing users to perform queries and select data at serving time.

One of the key benefits of Vespa is the ability to customize and extend its functionality with hosted application components. Due to its impressive feature list, engineers may use Vespa to create high-performance search applications, whether using traditional techniques or modern vector-based approaches.

This big data serving engine accepts different operations like Writes, Lookup of documents, Queries (Select, Sort, Group, etc.), data dumps, network requests, etc.

Project Background

  • Database: Vespa big data serving engine
  • Author: Thiago G. Martins
  • Initial Release: 2021
  • Type: Big Data Serving Engine
  • License: Apache License 2.0 
  • Contains: Application package, admin/config cluster, stateless Java container cluster, content cluster 
  • Language: Java, C++
  • GitHub: /vespa-engine/vespa has 3.7k stars, 3 releases, and 60 contributors 
  • Runs On: Linux, macOS and Windows
  • GitHub Discussions: NA
  • Stackflow: /questions/tagged/vespa
  • Twitter: /vespaengine 


  • Text search
  • Recommendation and personalization
  • Question answering
  • Semi-structured navigation
  • Personal search
  • Typeahead suggestions 
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