Virtualenv is a tool of the Python programming language that can create an isolated environment. It is the perfect training ground to run versions of other applications without having to contend with compatibility and permissions.

It builds a virtualenv environment with its own installation directories, which does not share libraries with other virtualenv environments (and, additionally, does not access the globally installed libraries).

Project Background

  • Project: Virtualenv
  • Author: Bernát Gábor
  • Type: Virtual Environment Software
  • License: MIT Licence
  • Contains: venv
  • Language:  Python, Cython
  • GitHub:/virtualenv with 4k stars and 60 contributors
  • Runs On: Windows, Linux and MacOS with Anaconda


  • Ability to run multiple software and gather reports on data
  • Maintain versions of software without outside interference
  • Assist in higher learning institutions adopting virtual learning environments
  • Potential virtual environment to host tradeshows and events
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