XLM-R is a model of BERT that uses self-supervised training techniques to achieve cutting-edge performance in multilingual understanding. The XLM model improves on the previous multilingual approaches thanks to the larger training data sets and languages.

Project Background

  • Project: XLM
  • Author: Alexis Conneau, Kartikay Khandelwal, Naman Goyal, Vishrav Chaudhary, Guillaume Wenzek, Francisco Guzmán, Edouard Grave, Myle Ott, Luke Zettlemoyer, Veselin Stoyanov
  • Initial Release: 2019
  • Type: NLP
  • Contains: Causal Language Model (CLM), Masked Language Model (MLM), Translation Language Model (TLM), GLUE, XNLI
  • Language:Python, Jupyter Notebook, Shell  
  • GitHub:/XLM with 2.5k stars and 11 contributors.
  • Twitter: None
  • Applications: Allows content to be posted in other languages on social media platforms while boosting performance
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